Info for Traders

Our market traders should at all times support the ethos of Tobacco Factory’s Market.

  • To create a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment where the local community can meet and socialise.
  • To encourage local shopping and provide a genuine alternative to supermarket.
  • To support and promote local producers and creators.
  • To support and promote fair trade.
  • To reduce food miles and packaging.
  • To promote good quality, freshly made food using local and organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • To promote environmentally-friendly products.
  • To support and promote local environmental and ethical organisations.

Pitch Fees

1 Week 2 Weeks 4 Weeks
Hot food stall £27 £52 (£26/wk) £96 (£32/wk)
Other food stall £25 £48 (£24/wk) £88 (£29/wk)
Non-food stall £23 £48 (£22/wk) £80 (£26/wk)


If you would like to trade with us, please read our ethos to ensure your business is a good fit. If so, please email a short description of what you would like to sell along with a couple of photos.

Please note:
The market is currently booked up for Street Food stalls and for cake/sweet stalls.

Contact us:

Tobacco Factory Market
Raleigh Road,
Bristol, BS3 1TF