The moment you’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to let our Bazz loose, he’s going to be spitting and churning art right out of his chute from 8pm on Friday the 27th of April, the date that shall now be known as Bazz’s Birthday.

Come and buy yourself a present on this gracious day! Turbo Island has stocked him with Marlboro Yellows and he’ll be raring to go. With 4 options of Turbo delight, you’ll be spoilt for choice… We’ve even got some Bazz exclusives that you’ll only be able to get here. He does spoil ya.

And we’re not the only ones throwing a shindig, Bristol Beer Factory are taking things outside with a tap-takeover in The Yard.
What an evening!

Bring your change and get ready to give Bazz a good feeding!