OPENING NIGHT: 8 March, 7.30-10pm

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Exploring viewpoints, lines of sight and orientations, Dominika’s photography reveals the latent art concealed in plain sight within the urban landscape. Geometrical rhythms and patterns of light emerge from the flow of edges, curves and spaces as the photographer’s eye scans the urban skyline. Then at the moment when changing viewpoint and transient ambience of light combine most wondrously Dominika pauses to inscribe the scene for others to experience.

Dominika experienced childhood in Poland during the communist era and through the transitional times at the end of the cold war. She treasures the old Russian Fed4 camera inherited from an inspirational father who first nurtured his daughter’s interest in photography. Graduating with degrees in Education and Social Sciences from the University of Lodz, Dominika developed the strong awareness of human emotions and inner character that so informs her photography.

This exhibition is in The Snug