Sculptor and environmentalist Glenn Morris has created a series of sculptural works as a response to the new Epoch. Morris works with the premise that man believes himself to be all powerful and that society can continue to destroy and control nature with frightening disregard. The notion of time and man’s inability to see himself as a transient organism, dependent on a sustainable relationship with the environment and other creatures, within a geological time frame, informs the works.

The world, we are told, has come to the end of the Holocene Epoch and has entered ‘Anthropo-cene’. The production, by man, of concrete, plastics, radiation and carbon since 1950 is of such enormity that humanity has indelibly stamped its presence on the very geological strata of the planet itself.

The three sculptures will be installed inside our Main Bar (one on the stage) and in the outside Yard space.

Glenn Morris website