Robbie Sparks is a Bristol based conceptual/graphic artist. His trademark abstracts, with rich texture and colours, are based around the wonder-inducing topics of quantum mechanics, geometry colour theory and the emergence theory. This includes the complex 248 dimensional symmetry called E8; which when spun, produces the most beautiful structures in mathematics and art forms.

Inspired by art forms found in growth, decay, axes, lines, gradients, harmonic wavelengths hyper spheres,  gravity, the Fibonacci sequence, golden section, energy frequency and vibration, this exhibition manifests these ideas onto canvas. Explore the higher dimensional distances traveled by consciousness, faster than the speed of light and gaze out into the vastness of space or look within to the sub-atomic worlds of matter. It’s these ideas that Robbie Sparks intricately weaves into the tapestry of his paintings – an exotic differential structures of continuous non random quasicrystal information of patterns and symbols.

What we assume to be real can easily turn out to be an illusion. (Plato)

Robbie Sparks website