“In the click moment when you first see one of my paintings it’s important to me that it’s easy to look at and undemanding.”

Zennor’s style is instantly engaging and recognizable, but she also likes to give you something you weren’t necessary expecting. This can be humorous, or odd, and often it is a bit of both. For Zennor, the struggle to get the balance right between odd and amusing is a constant battle; too odd and it’s uneasy and overwhelming, not odd enough and it lacks substance.

Human concerns, habits, stories or fantasies are in every painting, but by using animals or invented creatures Zennor has the freedom to think further than a preconceived idea of a person and concentrate on the characters behaviour.

Whether it’s the big bull in ‘Roy’ or the bears in ‘Michael’ or the odd creatures in ‘Shave Green’, there’s an intimacy these little creatures unwittingly reveal to us as they go about their daily lives. Unawares and in private there’s no need for pretence or performance, they’re in their world with all its trials and tribulations. There in lies an honesty – and this is where Zennor wants the viewer to be; involved in a world going on that’s intimate, magical and sometimes echoes our own.

Original paintings will be on display in our Main Bar exhibition space and prints will be for sale in ‘The Snug’.

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