We’re so pleased to to hear that Blue Planet had a huge effect on people’s attitude to the use of plastic. Watch Sir David Attenborough talk about his delight at how people have responded so much to the programme.

Leila, from Southville, sent us a letter suggesting that we stop using plastic straws. We loved the picture she drew for the front and we’re delighted that children like Leila care so much about the planet. It gives us all hope!

So, what have we done about this?

We no longer use plastic straws, plus we’ve made some more changes:

  • We’ve installed a water station where anyone can refill their water bottle, and customers can help themselves to water.
  • We recycle materials were we can e.g., tins from the kitchen are used for cutlery and planters, tyre planters in yard, pallet wood for seating.
  • We have an electric van, and an electric charging point available for all to use.
  • We will be introducing a re-useable cup for takeaway coffees.

This is on top of the following ways, that we are already doing, to try to take care of the environment:

  • Our coffee machine is powered by the sun – from the solar panels on our roof.
  • The children’s art workshops at the Sunday market use recycled materials.
  • We use recycled materials for paper products.
  • Cleaning products are eco friendly and in reusable bottles.