Sam Hadley, the mastermind behind SlumberBean, has a solo exhibition with us back in 2011. We loved the poster for the show so much, we thought we’d post it up here again.

After graduating from Falmouth University, Sam jumped right into a successful freelance illustration career. He’s worked on a huge variety of projects, from advertising and packaging to publishing and editorial. Never one to get stuck in a rut, he has a variety of styles from photo-realistic airbrushing and retouching, to more traditional painting and drawing.

Slumber is his alias for fun personal projects and other less mainstream work. His creation, ‘The SlumberBean’ is a sold-out limited edition art toy, and features in a series of limited edition illustrated prints.  The SlumberBean is featured in the Pictoplasma Character Compendium, a curated book of character design and illustration.

Sam lives in the creative city of Bristol, England with his wife and two young children.