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Afternoon all and happy Friday 😊.⁣

The Makers Market is O P E N. ⁣

Come on in, grab a coffee, and meet this marvellous bunch (they’ll be with us until Sunday):⁣

📐 Quints Prints⁣ @quintsprints ⁣
📐 Kappa V Kappa Art⁣ @kappavkappaart ⁣
📐 WeaveLove Amy⁣ @weaveloveamy ⁣
📐 Brimble Studio⁣ @brimblestudio ⁣
📐 W;ear by Woo @wearbywoo ⁣

Joining them over Saturday and Sunday will be:⁣

📐 Emporium of Illumination (welcome back!) @emporiumofillumination ⁣
📐 Hare Raising Designs @hareraisingdesigns ⁣
And of course the @fiveacrefarmer Farm Shop and Café will be open for the duration 👌🏻.⁣

Oh, and just a quick reminder of our opening hours this weekend:⁣

Friday 10th – 10am – 6pm.⁣

Saturday 11th 10am – 6pm.⁣

Sunday 12th 10am – 3pm.⁣