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As a Southville resident, artist and educator, Ian is delighted to bring the zoetrope project to Bristol to be displayed as part of the Tobacco Factory Art Market on Sun 23 June
This impressive project spans the development of LV05 students pursuing the 3D Computer Animation Pathway within the BA Animation Production Course at Arts University Bournemouth. It is inspired as a visualisation of the change from chaos to simplicity. The 3D Zoetrope is a modern interpretation of a timeless fascinator. Designed and visualised inside the computer it has been realised into our shared world to better capture the excitement and magic of animation.

PS: we are pretty excited to meet Ian…. he sounds like an interesting guy, come say hi!
Ian House is a Senior Lecturer in Animation Production at AUB, Arts University Bournemouth, where he teaches Story Craft and Computer Animation. Ian’s background is in creating award winning visual effects (iStar Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter) and feature animation: Ian brings his experience from Pixar Animation Studios, where he worked for seven years creating films including Ratatouille, Up, Walle and Cars. #animation #art #artmarket #bristol #bristolart #zoetrope