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Good morning! Hope you all managed to get a healthy dose of that Vit D yesterday! 🌞😍 So a lot of the jewellery I sell at @tfsundaymarket is made of brass and I wanted to share with you some tips for keeping your brass items looking their best!

J E W E L L E R Y C A R E 〰
As you know brass will naturally develop a tarnish over time and will darken. This can look really lovely as it almost gives the item a history. However, if you would rather your items looking super shiny and golden then there are a few things to consider (then further down I’ll suggest a cleaning method for already tarnished pieces) 🔹Firstly, always take your brass items off before bathing/showering/swimming/ entering the sea (basically any kind of water is a big no no and will speed up the tarnishing process) 🔹If your piece does get wet, wipe dry immediately. 🔹always put your jewellery on after applying lotions and perfume 🔹ideally, store your jewellery in a cotton draw string bag or a zip lock bag in a cool dry place

But what if your item is already a little tarnished? Fear not, it’s totally salvageable!
A really simple and natural way to clean brass is using a few items you probably already have in your home. Youll need: a lemon, baking soda, and some cotton pads or a cloth (that’s it!). Squeeze the lemon into a bowl then add enough baking soda so that it forms a paste. Rub the paste onto the surface of the tarnished item with the cotton pads, then wipe dry with a damp cloth. Repeat until the tarnish lifts. Always dry thoroughly when finished. Super easy! 🙂