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HAVE YOU ever sat with your work at a design fair or exhibition and WISHED everyone who said ‘How beautiful’ ‘How talented you are’ appreciated how much work had gone into it and had bought just one thing?? Have you ever been in your shop and had endless people say ‘What a gorgeous shop….’ …only to think inside – If only they knew how much it would mean if they bought something??! If only they knew how expensive the rent/bills are…. If only they knew how much work goes in….If so – You’re not alone! We’re told this everyday.. Now let’s make something absolutely clear. We are not for one single second saying don’t compliment people – compliments mean the world and make life a sunnier place BUT if at all possible think about buying from that shop, maker, designer because if you want to see that shop stay open then you need to support it. JUST A CARD is about encouraging people to recognise that independents work SO HARD and they will be so grateful and happy if you buy from them. Because what may seem like a small purchase to you really is a HAPPY DANCE to an artist, maker and independent and will enable them to do what they love and keep your towns vibrant and diverse. All creatives value creativity far more than money – but 1000 ‘How Lovely’s’ don’t pay the bills.
Do display our posters at your events – they encourage sales! Available FREE from our website under resources – our gift to you. Have you told people about the campaign? If not we’d so appreciate it if you would – because the more people that join the campaign the more likely we are to be able to encourage people to support independents. Remember that complimenting our campaign is hugely appreciated but going the extra mile and sharing it makes us DO A HAPPY DANCE too! Don’t you agree?? COMMENT YES if you agree! Thanks friends – Have a wonderful, fun-filled week full of creative cartwheels! •

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