Catherine Ade works with printmaking and drawing.

Using the setting of domestic interiors she builds a structure which reveals the narratives of human relationships. The viewer is invited in to her own private world and is surrounded by these narratives in rooms and through objects that tell personal stories, myths, family tales and gossip.

People, vases, chairs and mirrors appear Talisman like and are elevated to new significance as if rendering them in the picture plain gives them a permanence that the fallibility of memory cannot hold.

Time and space are the main protagonists in ‘A Room of One’s Own’ and reflect the title of the exhibition taken from the Virginia Woolfe novel of the same name.

Catherine Ade is an artist and printmaker who has an MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking from UWE, Bristol and has also trained at Tamarind Institute for Lithography. She runs The Lemonade Press, a print studio dedicated to  Lithography in Horfield, Bristol.

Prior to establishing The Lemonade Press in 2020, Catherine worked for 6 years as a lithographer at The Curwen Studio, London, where she made editions in collaboration with artists.

This exhibition is in the snug