Working from her studio in Easton, Bristol UK, Amy paints vibrant abstract paintings in acrylic and sometimes mixed media. Over the years the work has developed into themed collections, always keeping a recognisable and distinctive style.

Amy grew up surrounded by art, her mum being a painter and her dad a stone sculptor; she spent her childhood visiting art exhibitions and doing creative things. After moving to Barcelona in her 20’s, she discovered her passion for acrylic paint, abstraction and using a palette knife. What started in Barcelona continued in London and she turned professional once she’d moved to Bristol in 2014. Amy took part in the Totterdown Art Trail and had a sell-out show. This led to commissions, publicity, and exhibitions. Fast forward 8 years and she is now so grateful that she is able to do what she loves full time.

What Amy paints depends largely on day-to-day feelings and she often has work progressing simultaneously on paintings from several collections. She loves experimenting and working on new ideas. Over the past few years, a new theme of calmer and more contemplative works has developed, in contrast to the vibrant colourful paintings that are her signature pieces. The work reflects her mood and emotions of the moment as she channels her feelings directly into each painting.

Much of her work reflects the different countries she has visited; most notably the vibrant art scene of Barcelona, and the intensities and richness of India. These fuelled Amy’s passion for colour. The paintings are rarely representational but there are definite influences of the sea. Boats, water and the sky are recurrent themes in some.

Amy has exhibited widely over the last 8 years and has work in many private collections in the UK and abroad including Europe, Dubai and the USA.


This is a free exhibition in the Cafebar