We return from the most amazing & phenomenal festival where we entertained Bona Style at the Pikes Ibiza, Marston Park Glamping Event to bring you a pneumatically enhanced Bona Vada Bingo at our beloved Tobacco Factory for the last of our outdoors Summer Season Bingo Bingo Events. Don’t fret pet this years surprise success story will be returning next summer to share our unique blend of queer filler & to inject into your Sunday afternoons for your pleasure fun, prizes, amazing DJ talents and also giving a platform for Bristol’s up and coming creative talents 🤩

Brush up on your Kardashian facts because this time the will be a quiz with a £50 prize Plus Shots for the table that knows their Kim’s, Kendall’s, Kylie’s, Kourtney’s, Khloe’s, Kris’s & not forgetting Caitlyn Jenner ! 🤓

Also we have a new addition to our family, drag queen Hysteria Shoxs ! 💄

She was discovered when she came to Bona Pride Bingo our Bristol Pride fundraiser event and who won the 2nd prize of a DJ Taster Lesson donated by Basement 45 Nightclub, Bristol.

Artwork by our amazing artist 👨🏼‍🎨 @jjuanpedro (instagram)

Your Entertainment:

  • Caller & Host – Just Joshinn
  • Balls Selector & Host – Drag Queen Vince Ugly
  • Co Host & Caller – Drag Queen Hysteria Shoxs


  • Mikey Slade – Wait…What ? Ibiza
  • Ashanti 007 – Bristol Ballroom Community


Bona Vada Bingo is a fundraiser for Help Bristol’s Homeless

Dogs are welcome but please keep your pet on a lead at all times.