Breath led movement to ease into your weekend.

Hatha yoga, Saturdays in The Snug  9-10am

Breathwork and Meditation with Yoga and Circus Fitness.


Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga focused on movements of the body, combined with the flow of breath and the focusing of the mind.

Yoga means union. During these practices we unite the body, mind and breath to give complete rejuvenation to the whole system.

By drawing our awareness to our breath, we allow different parts of our body to open up, the mind to become focused and the muscles to become oxygenated. Breath is the key to releasing tension and creating space for our bodies to move into.

These classes are designed to give the practitioner the strength, flexibility, stamina and focus necessary to live a happy and healthy life.

Suitable for all levels.
Booking required, email for a spot!