…and breathe. Take a moment for yourself, Saturdays in The Snug – 8:10-8:55am

Breathwork and Meditation with Yoga and Circus Fitness.

Breath is the vehicle to understanding our body-mind complex. By observing, directing and controlling the breath, we allow union to unfold within ourselves. Breathwork is a practice that has many benefits.; from reducing stress and anxiety, to purifying our lungs, blood and airways.

By breathing correctly, we can reduce and remove a wide range of ailments, leaving us in a more connected and blissful state.

Breathwork is a preparatory exercise. It allows us to become relaxed and focused enough to enter a meditative state. Meditation is a tool to help us function properly in the world. It gives us space to gain mastery and understanding over this life. With a meditative mind, daily tasks become simple and without complexities.

These classes have been designed to give the practitioner time and space to gain control over their lives, with the side effects of a healthier and happier mind, body and spirit;

•Reduces and releases stress

•Give us better control over emotions

•Balances blood pressure

•Increases the function of our immune system

•Strengthens our lungs and respiratory system

These sessions will end with guided meditation and relaxation. Meditation can reduce stress, bring us to the present moment, reduce negative emotions, increase imagination/creativity, and increase our patience and tolerance to ourselves and others.

Bring a mat and a pillow/block for comfort.

Advanced booking required.