Dominika Wenz was born and raised in Łódź, Poland where she graduated as a Master of Art from Łódź University. Dominika continued her studies to earn a diploma in occupational therapy and social work. Fine art has become a way for Dominika to express emotions alongside her principal hobby of photography.
City Shapes is a series of abstract  paintings depicting the different forms, colours and light throughout the days and seasons in the city. Dominika has always been fascinated by the urban landscape and that provides the inspiration for this series of paintings.
Each painting here is the product of process driven by Dominika’s heart and soul.
“Abstract painting is open to everyones interpretation” Says Dominika, “The artwork forms a fascinating communication between the artist and the viewer”.
Dominika previously exhibited at the 4th Art Meeting of Polish Artists at the Centre Space in Bristol 2017.
Instagram: @wenz_fineart
Facebook: @wenzfineart 
this exhibition is in the snug