Opening night: 7 June, 7.30pm, with live music / Facebook event

Deenagh Miller left Cornwall 40 years ago, but the influence of light and colour still resonates within her work. Returning to exhibit at Tobacco Factory, after her charity fundraising ‘Images of War’ show in 2010, she has brought together a collection of her artworks that reflect the exuberance of people, places and the mind.

Spanning the last 28 years, this exhibition is a celebration, rejoicing in the language of bright oil paintings and vivid drawings. Travels to Italy and France and her now home city Bristol are reflected in her artwork. People feature, single or in crowds, or in kinds of processions, often in a setting with a burlesque quality and atmosphere.

Combine this with Miller’s extraordinary imagination and you have a visual feast. In her words, “I’m like a magpie. I swoop on what attracts me visually: theatrical imagery, animals, vegetation, adverts, magazines, the anatomy of the body and the written word.”

Not one to confine herself to one subject or style, Miller carefully curates her magpie-like collection of discovered ideas, building her knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, into a coherent set of visual stories.


photo: James Koch