Flying Figures is a collection of works that showcase the work of Bristol based artists George Northcott and Laurie Cole.

George creates work that is consistently 3D focusing on single image narratives that play with your imagination. Figurative characters border reality and a more surreal world can be found riding strange concept contraptions. His work invites the viewer to take a closer look and find their own way around the sculptures. His first love for illustrating in 3D was born from his initial interest in stop motion animation at Truro College in Cornwall where he also grew up. This passion grew when studying illustration at UWE and began creating many short stop motion animations and 3D models. With the decision to focus solely on model making he began exploring the power of expression and manipulating the norm to create unique characters and playful scenes that create more questions than answers.

Laurie creates paintings that illuminate small moments in poems collected or written by her. Then by drawing on her experiences of everyday life she creates playful scenes of reflection and curious figurative landscapes. Often including text in the imagery she marks the source of inspiration for the painting with repeated words or phrases sometimes altering the meaning from the original poem. She embraces these misunderstandings and encourages viewers to make their own interpretations. Born in Falmouth where she studied an art foundation before moving to Kingston to study Illustration and Animation. She now lives and works in Bristol.

All works are for sale.

This exhibition is in The Snug