Live music from some of Bristol’s best performers in Tobacco Factory Cafe Bar, every Sunday 8-10pm.

Duo of guitar and voice playing classic Spanish popular songs with an energetic dose of Latin, rumba and flamenco. Their repertoire ranges from classics to contemporary, from soft melodies to epic ballads. The combination of JP’s flamenco guitar flourishes and Maria‘s powerful and passionate vocals creates a stripped back but intense experience of these popular songs. You’ll dance, you’ll weep, you’ll go home clapping these intoxicating rhythms.
Maria Galvache is a self-taught singer who began performing at the age of 16, while based in Madrid, and has toured around Spain for many years. Her vocal talents range from the traditional sound of Spanish folk songs, the arabesque inflections and improvisations of flamenco to the smooth power of a pop ballad. She has performed with Spanish rock, pop and alternative bands such as “Zerua”, “Electroshock” and “Sixter”. Now very much settled in Bristol she brings together her passion for the popular music of her homeland in this new project.
JP studied flamenco guitar with a number of maestros while living in Madrid. Returning to his birthplace of Bristol, JP has spent the last few years in the city’s vibrant music scene. There he has bought his flamenco sound to Bristol favourites Solana fusing with their mix of folk, Balkan and Arabic compositions. JP enjoys playing traditional solo guitar while also taking influence from jazz, classical, bossa nova and Arabic music.