A solo show from local Bristol artist Hannah Coton; a visual description of the music that marked her experience of the pandemic.
“Reverberate” explores the facets of music as a tangible object; layers in the melody and vocals expressed as individual textures and physical overlapping of shapes. A curated selection of works, inspired by seven records that cemented themselves as landmark feelings in 2020/2021.

“I wanted this body of work to reflect all of those (huge) emotions I was feeling over the past couple of years, and am still reeling from now. Music is massively inspirational for me; it heals me in ways I can’t verbally explain.”

Hannah’s work is fuelled by self-exploration and creating new opportunities. She uses confident shapes combined with bold colour palettes to create striking work that is constantly evolving.

This exhibition is in the Main Bar

Instagram: @hannah.coton
Email: hcoton@hotmail.co.uk