Isabelle is an abstract painter and mixed media artist based in Bristol. She is currently part of EBC Day School 23/24 and her work has been featured in CRACK magazine. Isabelle is deeply influenced by her personal experiences living with ADHD and ME/CFS, her work reflects the chaos and constant impulses that exist in her mind. Due to Isabelle’s hyperactive nature, painting has become a vital outlet for her emotions and allows her to explore and express her feeling in a unique way.

Isabelle’s creative process is intuitive and spontaneous, she allows her impulses to guide her and explore the possibilities. This sense of freedom and spontaneity allows her to fully express herself and explore whatever emotions she may be feeling at that moment.

20% of all sales will be donated to Islamic reliefs Palestine Emergency Appeal – for more information contact Isabelle via Instagram @isabelle_sallis

Instagram: @isabelle_sallis

this is a free exhibition in the Cafe Bar