Jenni was brought up in Cornwall and made her way to Bath to study Fine Art BA Hons at Bath Spa University in 2005. From there she went on to train as a Secondary School Art Teacher in Bristol. Jenni left teaching late in 2021 to focus on her art and creating.

Paint and colour is the focus of Jenni’s work incorporating a bigger sense of the abstract, self expression and a little bit of the landscape. The abstract comes from love of the outdoors, the sea, her Cornish upbringing and Jenni’s dyslexic tendencies which making errors when reading, visual disturbances, words moving around or blurred and difficulties carrying out sequences and following directions. All of this is clear to see in her work.

Jenni often finishes her work with thicker heavier lines and this is a nod towards the line and text she finds so difficult to make sense of when reading. Jenni sees in pictures and finds that gathering information from her surrounding is easy to implement into her painting. The narrative here explains that colours are the confusion, often when its overwhelmingly busy and ‘noisy’. Jenni declares ‘it is often misunderstood, the amount of brain power needed to stay focused, it is exhausting, art is natural to me and defuses that struggle and expectation of something that comes easy to others.

At other times Jenni likes to take her work right back to her routes. Drawing in a very loose style reflective of her Cornish upbringing and the artists that she so admired growing up. Jenni studied her A-Levels in Penzance and was able to taken advantage of both coasts spending much time in St. Ives and Penzance taking on board the scenes and history of art and artists before.

Cornwall is still very much in the present as Jenni visits family and friends often. You can keep up to date with this through the means of instagram.

This exhibition is in the tobacco factory main room