Three artists, Fran Regan, Chloe Regan and Amanda Lowery, present their work collectively for the first time.

Fran’s photographs capture contemplative moments on a journey in India.

Amanda’s Collagraph prints – see: header image – layered in both process and meaning, explore a life-long interest in archetypes, ex-votives and charms, that demonstrate collective human optimism and hope.

Chloe’s drawings from life and from paintings, are explorative and capture a first-person point of view, including one’s observations, past-memories and future imaginings simultaneously.

The three artists’ works form an intimate exhibition which communicate their observations and perceptions of life. Displaying their work collectively encourages new dialogues and approaches to reading their art.

Fran Regan / BA Birmingham School of Jewellery

Chloe Regan / MA Royal College of Art

Amanda Lowery / MA Chelsea College of Art