I’m Kate Elkington a Bristol born abstract, mixed media artist with an interest in communicating good feelings and emotions through colour and mark making.

I’ve always loved the colourful vibes and playful atmosphere of being at a party, club or a festival dancing to music and surrounded by friends and would-be friends. Every person there connected through the music and atmosphere. Together. This is when I feel most alive, excited and joyous and it’s these feelings which have inspired and informed the artwork I have created for this exhibition. I’ve never felt the need to express this more strongly than during the restrictions resulting from the covid pandemic.

Part of this exhibition is made up of a set of artworks commissioned by the Bristol DJ and producer Eats Everything. The brief was to create one large artwork with a colourful, party vibe that could be divided up into 10 smaller pieces and used as the artwork for 10 new releases from his music label Edible Records. Each piece is titled after the music.

I like to let my artwork evolve and surprise me so I never plan ahead. My process is to get some tunes on, pick some vibrant colours then intuitively layer interesting textures, bold shapes and big, expressive marks. As the work progresses I will make more considered decisions in order to balance the shapes, colours and overall composition.

I have a lot of fun making my art and I hope I am able convey these joyful feelings to you lovely people!

This exhibition is in the Main Bar