Through drawing and painting, Katie delves into the healing power of the natural world. Her work seeks to evoke a sense of emotion and capture the ambience of the places she is moved by, taking an abstract, surreal approach.

Katie turns to the rugged terrain of semi-wild locations as the driving force behind the work, alongside a personal undertaking of addressing, understanding and accepting her mental health challenges. She portrays the journey through the use of paint, ink, pencil and oil pastels.

I am compelled by the evocative power of nature, how it speaks to us and mirrors human emotions, how it shows strength and fragility in equal measures, the force of the wind, and the pull of the tides. My work aims to capture and reflect the movement and rhythms in our natural world in a non-linear way. 

Born from a place of darkness; a desire to find light and a curiosity about my surroundings burns within me. Seeking out the mysterious, ghostly, unseen and attempting to capture that sensory experience on the page or canvas is what keeps me creating new work.

I choose to push through the unknown until I reach a sense of peace and calm. I have a deep appreciation, and a need to protect and respect Mother Nature. Be still and listen to her rather than trying to control her, learn from her and grow with her.”

This exhibition is in the snug