My inspiration for painting began with exploring the light and colour in our everyday surroundings that often go unnoticed but create the atmosphere around us. Subtle shadows that change with the time of day, our mood and energy. Living in a city means the colours around can be transient but vivid. Our experience of nature detached and seemingly artificial but this is still our world. Walking home from work in the evening with car headlights, traffic lights, people, all competing for our attention with the glow of a sunset over the river. The soft electric glow from windows in a tower block.

Recently my interest in light has drawn me to explore our reliance on technology to communicate with one another. We see things today and take for granted things undreamt of in the past.  A black hole, atoms, the minutiae of our bodies. Much of our conversations take place in a medium of pure light on our mobile phone and computer screens.  I am interested in the way we are changing and responding to this intangible, ephemeral  but all consuming new way of perceiving.

My aim is to capture the poetry which is seen only at the periphery of seeing.  Things caught by a glimpse but which disappear when we look again. Tricks of the eye and flashes of memory.

This exhibition is in the Main Bar