Legendary Bristol pianist JOHN BAGGOTT is best-known for his work with Portishead, Massive Attack and (currently) Robert Plant & The Sensational Spaceshifters, but his love of jazz is deep-rooted. Prepare to be amazed by the quicksliver dexterity of his right-hand runs, and left-hand work that threatens to put bass-players out of business. Trumpeter PETE JUDGE is similarly most familiar from leftfield contexts including the mighty Get The Blessing and acoustic multi-instrumentalists Three Cane Whale, but he and John have unearthed an unexpected rapport in tackling the Great American Songbook and beyond, and have been exploring this in a series of under-the-radar low-key performances (hence the band-name). Expect some hand-picked standards, including tunes associated with pianist Bill Evans, a hero for them both, as well as a spattering of John’s own compositions.

“BRILLIANT!! Inventive, intriguing arrangements of beautiful jazz standards interspersed with some truly wonderful John Baggott original compositions.” (Fringe Jazz)

“A shockingly orthodox set of memorable tunes played with sincerity by two fine musicians who really respect the music. Avoiding corny pastiche and run-of-the-mill interpretations, their light touch arrangements catch the spirit of a golden age of modern jazz. It’s not hip, it’s not ironic – no wonder they want to keep it under the radar.”(Colston Hall)