An exhibition by Indigo Jax

Opening night – 2nd May, from 7.30pm. Tobacco Factory Snug. All welcome.

Sixteen years ago, while living in Barcelona, Indigo Jax fell in love with collage and paint. Today her work is defined by surrealistic and esoteric leanings, bold colour palettes and a modern spin on art deco.

Indigo’s work is part construction part creation. Firstly, she builds with collage elements, looking for unusual combinations that act as a platform for inspiration and narrative. Then paint, pen, pencil and sometimes 3D elements are added.

‘Give me your favourite photo, and I’ll create you an original artwork – Handmade, Resin-coated & one of a kind.’

Once completed the artwork is varnished and coated with epoxy resin for a flawless and durable finish. This finish is either high gloss or matt depending on the style of work.

She nearly always works onto wood, and much of her work can be hung directly onto the wall.

Due to the nature of her creative process, Indigo can create unique artworks using images selected by her clients. For example – personal photos, famous icons, TV / movie scenes or small mementos.

The resulting theme is entirely chosen by her customer, be it mythology, memory or passionate geekdom! The finished artwork is a co-creation of personal meaning to both parties.

This exhibition is in The Snug