Intimate photographic self-portraits from a secret life. A child of the 50s, Amanda spent 30 years cross-dressing behind closed doors, as a refuge from home-life, abandonment and single Mother/Fatherdom in an ethically hostile Britain. Now the world has caught up, they are ready to tell their story

During 2022, Photographique were working on a very special project.
Scanning & cataloguing an incredible collection of self portraits spanning nearly 3 decades. Seen for the first time in an exhibition at Strange Brew on the 13th of September is now being shared at Tobacco Factory.

“I read that, as a youth she [April Ashley] covered her bedroom walls with pictures of Women and prayed to awaken female, I did the same. What my Father took to be a healthy interest in females was really a desire to be one.”
– Amanda

This exhibition is free entry and held in the snug