This September we are proud to co-host Local Futures at Tobacco Factory.

Local Futures are an international, non-profit organisation and pioneer of the new economy movement.

Find talks, open spaces, discussion, film, music and more from the 29th September across partner sites – and Tobacco Factory on the 1st October.


The Planet Local Summit is a project of Local Futures. The Summit will shine light on localisation as a solution-multiplier and bring attention to the worldwide grassroots movement that is unfolding. Central to this movement is a focus on the local food economy, but it also embraces local business alliances, decentralised renewable energy systems, local finance and more.

Building on Local Futures’ networking and movement-building endeavours over four decades, the Summit will bring people together face-to-face from every continent, with the aim of forging a broad, international and visionary agenda for change.


Local Futures is dedicated to renewing ecological and social wellbeing by strengthening communities and local economies worldwide. Our films, books, toolkits, blog, podcast, webinars, workshops, conferences and campaigns are helping to map out a realistic path towards a more truly sustainable future.


Localisation is bringing the economy home – back to a human scale. It is the process of building economic structures that allow the goods and services a community needs to be produced locally and regionally whenever possible.

It is about shortening the distance between producers and consumers by encouraging diversified production for domestic needs, instead of specialised production for export.

HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? Find information on talks, open spaces and discussions happening across the Summit weekend here.

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