An exhibition by Mary Price and Jo Whiteland.

Bristol artists Mary Price and Jo Whiteland celebrate Spring in a joint exhibition featuring boldly coloured batik art and acrylic paintings. ‘Spring into colour’ will fill the Main bar and The Snug with original paintings and prints.

Jo Whiteland discovered her passion for batik whilst working with artists in Kota Baharu on the east coast of Malaysia in 1991. On returning to the UK she moved to Bristol and developed her own style of batik, repeating motifs to give the works life, depth and a sense of movement.

The natural world provides an unlimited source of inspiration – the dynamics and tensions between different animal and bird groups are often a reflection of human social interactions. She works on white cotton fabrics using traditional wax pens, wax and dyes building up layers to give depth and colour. Jo also produces etched glass to commission using wax as a resist before sandblasting. A more recent development is having designs printed onto fabric to make up as lampshades, bags and cushions.

Jo Whiteland website


Mary Price creates colourful acrylic and mixed media paintings inspired by travels, the natural world and her imagination. Her paintings reveal an emotional response to subject. She said, ‘When I paint I am not looking to portray the world as it is seen in a representational sense but to show how my choice of subject makes me feel. I rarely start with a fixed plan and this gives me freedom to explore landscapes and subjects to tell stories, express emotions and exploit marks and colours intuitively.

The work in this show takes its inspiration from a walk in the Tramuntana Mountains in Majorca last June, a flash of light shining beneath the heavy branches of a spreading tree, a meadow of Spring flowers and the feelings of being so alive and in the moment. This collection of paintings recaptures just one solitary emotion over and over in colour, in marks and suffused with an energy reflecting a celebration of life!’

Mary Price – website