Steven Edgar is a Bristol-based photographer who likes to make images using things that are left behind, or perhaps overlooked by most people. His work has been exhibited around the country, including at the Royal College of Art, RWA, and the Architecture Centre in Bristol. His series of bricked-up doorways was featured in the Guardian, where writer and broadcaster Jon Ronson described them as “quite beautiful in a ghostly and disturbing way.” An artist’s book titled “On Hove Beach” combining Steven’s poetry and photographs currently forms part of the Bristol Art Library.

For this exhibition, Steven has chosen a variety of work, some old, some created in lockdown. The still life images are made in Steven’s kitchen, using items from his garden, while the sea- and sky-scapes are intended to invoke a feeling of calm. Of the nests, one rolled down the street to Steven, the other is from a tree by his front door, but both have incorporated plastic thread the birds found around the neighbourhood.

Steven plans to share his work on Instagram and invites you to follow him there, stevenedgar7

This exhibition is in The Snug