‘The Worst Thing I Ever Did Was Try To Fit In’

A series of new collage works exploring the notion of finding our own space to exist in.


Tom Hodgkinson creates mixed media analogue collages, using predominantly traditional elements of glue, paper cuttings, paint and mark making.

This is complemented with imagery that is often processed using modern tools of design such as computers, scanners, re-printing and laser cutting.

With a maximalist approach in both tone and image-sourcing, he searches for the everyday and often overlooked printed ephemera that is all around us.

Hodgkinson describes collage as a contemplative process through which bits of the past and present are pieced together in a slow, almost meditative state.

He describes the imagery created through this process as a dreamlike, non-linear narrative of the world that explores themes of relationships, childhood, family and the experience of time.


This exhibition is in the Main Bar