An exhibition of original screen prints by artist-printmaker Lauren Curl

Lauren’s work often evolves from found collages from our everyday environment which illuminate and bear witness to the traces of human activity in the city.

This current body of work is inspired from torn billboard posters and how their surfaces acts as a record of activity, a kind of urban archaeology, mapping a history of the location or imagined land. While textual shapes emerge in unexpectedly and seemingly random one-word poems that tone the sentiment of the composition. Bold vibrant colours in flat colour planes celebrate and balance the detailed busy areas of these multi-layered screen prints.

‘Edge’ (2018) Screen print with embossment, 50x50cm

Traditional printmaking processes support her exploration of how to convey the tactility of surface by physically manipulating it, evoking a sense of touch observed visually. These recent prints explore this more literally by juxtaposing tangible, embossed and laser engraved surfaces with flat layers of screen printed ink.

Graduating with distinction BA (Hons) Fine Art Printmaking from Cardiff School of Art in 2008, Lauren is currently undertaking an MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking at UWE, Bristol.

This exhibition is in The Snug