Children’s Painting Party

Join us for arty party games, classic party games with an arty twist!

Painting Party combines classic party games with elements of painting to create a unique and memorable workshop where we paint on paper plates. The activities will run for about two hours and begin with a few minutes for participants to get to know each other before we get started on the games. A standard workshop would include:

Two Truths and One Lie – participants get into pairs and tell each other two truths and one lie. Then, they each paint what they think was the other person’s lie. At the end, we go around the group and see how many were guessed correctly.

Pass the Parcel – the whole group plays Pass the Parcel. And while there are still sweets in the middle, in between every layer there is a piece of paper with a word on it. This word will be your main character. Everyone will also recieve a paper plate which will have an action word on the back. All you have to do, is paint your main character doing this action.

Musical Plates – the participants sit in a circle and each start with a blank paper plate. When the music starts they begin to paint whatever they feel like painting, and when the music stops they pass it to the person next to them, in a clockwise direction. We keep going until every person has had a chance to paint on every plate.

Pictionary – this is usually the game we finish on. The group is divided into teams and each team gets a pot of words. The participants take it in turns to paint the words from the pot while the rest of their team guesses. The first team to guess all their words wins.

Tobacco Factory Yard BS3 1TF

Dates & Times:
Monday 27th May – 11am, 2pm
Wednesday 29th May – 11am, 2pm


2 hours


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