Will Claridge graduated from Falmouth University with a BA in Fine Art. His work reflects contemporary culture through its innovative blend of photography, painting and installation. Fascinated by themes of banality, the quotidian and the everyday, the power of Claridge’s art lies in its ability to change focus; altering the perspective by subverting the conventional focal point.

What do we see when our vision is obstructed, when the abstract crashes in on the figurative, when the blur of an out of focus photograph demands our undivided attention?

Finishing his original photographic works with hand-applied, tactile details, Claridge’s artworks are out of the ordinary: these poetic snapshots both intrigue and frustrate the viewer whilst maintaining a visually arresting and compelling aesthetic.

Website: https://www.williamjamesclaridge.com/

Instagram: @willclaridge.art

This exhibition will be in the main room