We are excited to announce a refresh of our locally sourced, seasonal plate of the day.

We will now be donating 20p from each sale of this dish – now the ‘MAZI Plate of the Day’ – to the wonderful and worthy MAZI Project; empowering disadvantaged 16-25 year olds through food.

We cannot wait to see how MAZI project continues their important work in Bristol. Access to good food can do so much for us; practical life skills, nutrition, and a positive social impact. We are passionate about our community – and look forward to updating you on news from the project throughout the year.

Find out more about MAZI Project over on their website www.themaziproject.com 

Plus – check out where we source so much of our fresh produce, at our no dig farm in Backwell – Five Acre Farm. Guaranteeing our sites a year-round supply of seasonal, local vegetables and fruit, you will see our farms bounty across our entire menu and MAZI Plate of the Day!